Thursday, November 17, 2016

Planner Printables: Tremontaine Set

I got a Happy Planner in mid-September, and it's been quite the delight. My planner keeps me motivated and on task every day, and it helps endow my life with some much-needed colour during this most difficult of seasons.

I've also had a great time making useful stuff for it. Folders. Tracking cards. Paperclips. Charms and tassels.

Stickers felt like the logical next step.

A single page of paper with a number of planner stickers on it. The stickers are all in shades of beige, black, and red. The larger ones feature silhouettes of people in vaguely eighteenth century clothing. The smallest ones say Sworfight, TremonTasks, or TremonToday on them, while two other banners read Drink More Chocolate and Tremontaine, respectively. There are also additional silhouettes of a swan, a city, and a rapier, with a couple of purple turnips thrown in for good measure.

I decided to teach myself graphics by designing a set of printable Happy Planner stickers to celebrate my favourite serial: TREMONTAINE. The set is very much an apprentice work, but I learned a lot making it and I'm pleased with how it turned out. And Serial Box kindly granted me permission to share it with all of you.

The full- and half-box images are pulled from Kathleen Jennings's wonderful cover art for the first season. The turnip and rapier came from a free clipart website, and the font is Swistblnk Design Studio's Moanboers.

Here's how I used the stickers in my own planner:

A two-page Happy Planner spread featuring the set pictured above. The stickers are arranged acros three rows and seven columns.

In addition to the base set, the spread featured above incorporates some numerical washi tape in Micah's honour and three oversized half-boxes from a misprint.

I made a TremonTassel, too, because tassels are fun and I like to match my charms with my weekly themes.

A yarn and ribbon tassel in shades of red, black, and beige. The tassel is bound in gold wire and has a branch of faceted red plastic jewels attached to gold wire descending from it.

Those you with a fondness for Tremontaine in particular or Riverside in general are most welcome to print the stickers out and use them for whatever personal projects strike your fancy. Sticker paper (or full-page label paper, which is much cheaper but not as posh) is available at most office supply retailers, but regular printer paper and a glue stick works too. I fear I'm not yet advanced enough to design cut files for Silhouette sticker machines, so a sharp pair of scissors or a ruler/x-acto knife combo is your best bet.

The printable PDF is available on Google Drive.

If you use the stickers, please tag me when you share your creations! You can find me on either Instagram or Twitter.


  1. I am looking forward to using these for my up-coming week! I haven't had a chance to print them off yet, but hope to today. :)

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful stickers!