Thursday, October 20, 2016

Further Gushing Re: Tremontaine Season Two

Banner for Tremontaine Season Two, featuring the title against a black background. To the right is a white silhouette depicting two people swordfighting, flanked by the red silhouettes of a crowned swan and a dragon.

The new season of TREMONTAINE began yesterday, and I’ve made no secret of how excited I am. Continually tweeting my feels is all very well and good, but I wanted to provided y’all with a somewhat longer list of five reasons I’m jumping up and down in delight over this serial:

1. The Duchess is back

I love Diane de Tremontaine so. Frickin’. Much. As I said when I reviewed Season Two’s premiere episode, she’s a fabulous and compelling character because she acts in her own self interest; a motive female characters are seldom allowed to embrace. She’ll scheme and socialize and sleep her way to the top because it's the best way to promote her personal agenda, and damn how it affects anyone else. And if she can accomplish all her goals without ever letting anyone see how many strings she's pulled, so much the better.

She’s my favourite.

2. There's heaps of drama afoot

Is Will really where Diane says he is, or has something more sinister befallen him? (I put nothing past Diane. Nothing.) Can we expect Vincent Appelthorpe’s thing to go down this season? (You know. His thing.) Can Rafe stick to his vow of chastity, or is the super-hot ambassador from Chartril too delicious for him to stand against? (I… would not bet on Rafe.) Will Micah manage to sell any turnips and/or solve that equation she's focused on?

I want all these answers and more.

3. There are lesbians!

Pretty well everyone in this whole world is queer, but I think we can all agree it’s especially nice to see lesbians like Kaab and Tess on the page. Literature needs more lesbians.

I should also note Kaab is a brown lesbian swordfighter merchant, while Tess is a hot, fat forger. They're cool people.

4. I get to talk it up to friends

Listen, I’m not saying I give the best recommendations ever, but I’ve persuaded a couple of people to try it and my friend Shaina has been pretty public about her feelings for the S1 premiere. So.

I know a couple of y'all have also downloaded it to read at your leisure; a great advantage of serial fiction. Come find me when you're done so we can jump up and down together as we squee about all the queer swordfighting shenanigans, not to mention the scholarship and chocolate and DARK SECRETS.

Also? Serial omnibus editions are totally great for readathons--like, oh, the one happening this weekend. Do with this information what you will.

5. It adds to a story that’s important to me

SWORDSPOINT is one of the eight books I’ve loved straight from the first line to the last. THE PRIVILEGE OF THE SWORD ranks among my favourite books ever. More than once, I’ve stayed up until two in the morning to finish (and cry over) THE FALL OF THE KINGS.

I thrill to how TREMONTAINE lets explore me this beloved world from another angle, and through multiple writers’ eyes. It’s something to look forward to every week during a season of the year that messes with my mental health like none other.

I can’t wait to listen to each episode.


  1. I really need to do better with these Serial reads, but my Netgalley ones have probably all expired. :(

    1. You should keep an eye out for the print edition. It's coming on May 2nd!