Saturday, July 23, 2016

24 in 48 Readathon

I've decided to join my first 24 in 48 Readathon! The 'thon challenges people to read for twenty-four out of this weekend's forty-eight hours, but it's totally low pressure. You read as much as you can in the hopes of maybe, possibly logging something close to twenty-four hours of reading time.

This is sort of like what I do with my Sundays anyways, so I figured I might as well join formally!

I'll be sampling and dipping into a variety of things over the next couple of days, including:

A square photo of a book stack with a white Kobo and a white iPod leaning up against it. The stack contains three volumes of Batmanga, Half-Blood Blues, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and Rise. The Kobo has the cover of Monstress on its screen, while the iPod has the cover of Yes, Chef on its screen.

  • BOOKBURNERS and WHITEHALL, the two serials to which I've give my heart. I hope to read at least one episode of each.
  • YOU DON'T SAY: GREAT NEW ZEALAND NONFICTION 2016. I've been poking at this anthology for about a week and want to wallow in it for a little while.
  • HALF-BLOOD BLUES by Esi Edugyan, for the Booker Short List square on my bookish bingo card.
  • WINTER ORANGES by Marie Sexton, for the Seasonal square on the abovementioned card.
  • THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE by Neil Gaiman, for the Shortest TBR Book square.
  • RISE by Mira Grant. I won't read the whole thing, but I'd love to get through a story or two.
  • MONSTRESS VOLUME ONE by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takada. I've been lusting after this comic for aaaaaages.
  • THE BATMANGA by Jiro Kuwata. I've got the first three volumes ready and waiting for my eyeballs.
  • YES, CHEF by Marcus Samuelsson, for those times when my eyeballs need a break.
  • UNCANNY X-MEN. Ten issues or bust, y'all.

I'll update this post every now and again with my progress and/or any mini challenges I attempt.

UPDATE: I usually avoid my computer on Sundays, but I've popped back on to inform y'all that as of 10:00 in the evening I've read for 15 hours and 22 minutes. I'll Instagram a screenshot of my final total whenever I reach it, whether that's right before I pass out or at midnight.

(The passing out option looks pretty good right now. Murchie's sick today and he got me up way earlier than I wanted to be awake, let alone upright with a book in hand.)

All in all, I finished:

  • two episodes of WHITEHALL
  • one episode of BOOKBURNERS (with another loaded up and ready to go)
  • one PRINCESS JELLYFISH omnibus (consisting of two volumes)
  • seven issues of X-MEN and UNCANNY X-MEN, including a double-size anniversary issue
  • MONSTRESS by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takada
  • nine issues from the Age of Apocalypse crossover
  • two older issues (the one where Beast becomes hairy and the Origin of Star-Lord)
I also listened to a huge chunk of YES, CHEF yesterday and today. I might even have finished it on my walk if Scribd hadn't abruptly decided it wasn't actually downloaded. Grrr.

Contrary to what I said before, I didn't count my subtitled drama towards my reading time. If I had, I'd be up over 16 hours.


  1. I'm at about 6 hours too at 5:15pm local time on Saturday. Not as far along as I thought I would be but I like the totally low pressureness of this readathon. I feel great just having finished another book regardless of the time! This is my first time with this readathon but I think I'll do it again!