Tuesday, April 12, 2016

DC Facts

Being a non-exhaustive list of things I know about the DC Universe as I embark upon a quest to familiarize myself with the place. All facts gleaned from DC’s TV shows and movies, stuff I’ve seen on the internet, and a stack of Silver Age comics I read twenty years ago.

Every urban centre is called Something City. Sometimes the City part is in a language other than English, but nobody’s fooled.

Gotham City is a festering cesspool. No one wants to live there.

Star City is a festering cesspool. No one wants to live there.

Central City does not appear to be a festering cesspool, but give it time.

National City has palm trees and a desert so it’s probably in California, but Google says DC’s blase about the real-world location of every single Something City in their repertoire so who the hell knows.

You can travel from one City to any of the others in about half an hour because DC is also blase about where all these places are in relation to one another.

*long list of facts about Batman*

*slightly less long list of facts about Superman*

Wonder Woman is awesome. Everybody loves Wonder Woman.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are awesome. Everybody ships them.

Hawkman is an asshole. Fuck Hawkman.

Except maybe Hawkman is awesome in the comics? I dunno. People on the internet seem to like him.

*list of DC characters who have earned my unquestioned love by appearing in SANDMAN, even if they aren’t actually all that great*

Sometimes Vertigo counts. Sometimes it doesn't.

DC messes up a lot. There’s a countdown clock and all.

Everyone/thing is green. Lanterns. Arrows. Strength-sapping meteors. Martians. Etc. Etc.

The world is full of aliens, many of whom are either green or vulnerable to green things.

Superpowered people who are not aliens are called metahumans.

Bizarro no have good grammar. Everything opposite in Bizarro World.

Everyone’s gotta do their time as a Space Cop.

The Legion of Superheroes is fucking awesome (as seen through a twenty-year-old filter) and also full of Space Cops (unless I’ve misremembered that).

The Justice League and the Justice Society are on different Earths, not the same one like I always thought. One of them has a space station. Maybe both of them have space stations, as per the Space Cop rule.

There are lots of different Earths as well as lots of different planets. These Earths interact on at least a yearly basis.

The Teen Titans are cool beans.

Some people look like Skrulls, but they are not Skrulls.

Everyone's got a superpowered pet.

There are so many abandoned warehouses. So. Many.


  1. This is at least ten more things than I knew about DC, so well done, friend.

    1. I strive to provide quality information about comics.

  2. Haha. I love this! My additional knowledge (from the TV shows) is that Star City and Central City are both Vancouver. We love pointing out every place we know there when Barry or Oliver is running around. So it's always strange when folks are traveling from one city to another because they literally run the same streets. :) And yes, the warehouses.

    1. My favourite bit in the Supergirl/Flash crossover was when Kara and Barry determined both their Earths share the warehouse thing.

  3. This is way more than I knew. lol

    1. The TV shows and Twitter have plugged a fair few gaps.

  4. Your knowledge is superior to mine :P

    1. It's entirely possible I'm wrong about lots and lots and lots of things.

      Not the warehouses, though. Never the warehouses.