Saturday, October 17, 2015

Readathon: Road Trip Mini Challenge!

A banner that reads Road Trip Mini Challenge. It features an old fashioned green toy car with a taco perched on its hood and TACO as its license plate. The car sits atop a highway map.

The mini challenge is now closed. Thank you to all the participants! Cass and I were the real winners here because we got to read all your amazing entries.

Hello Dewey's Readathoners! Welcome to Hour Five--aka, ROAD TRIP TIME!

We're Memory and Cass, your challenge hosts, and we really love road trips. We love road trips so much, in fact, we want all of you to quit reading long enough to enjoy one of your very own.

Imagine you're on a road trip with a character from your current read. You're having an awesome time seeing amazing sights, stopping for delicious treats, and listening to fabulous music. You're about ready to share some of the fun with the folks back home.

We want you to do one of two (or two of two!) things:

Write a short postcard to a friend (or to another of the book's characters who wasn't invited on your cross country odyssey) telling them what's up with you and your new fictional BFF.


Find the perfect road trip song for you and your traveling companion to rock out to as you burn through the miles, and tell us why it's such a great fit for this character.

Share the text of your postcard or the YouTube video for your song either in the comments here or on the Readathon Goodreads Group for a chance to win a set of vintage postcards any road tripper would be pleased to mail to their loved ones (or their enemies, if your epistolary efforts swing that way). We'll randomly select a winner at the end of Hour 7.

May the wind blow through your hair and your car never run out of gas.


  1. Dear Vesper,
    Bond and I are having a delightful jaunt across country in his Jag. I've been teaching him about feminism and the perils of smoking. He's still trying to teach me Baccarat, though I haven't told him that they probably won't be playing it in Vegas. Best not to upset him so early on. Thanks for letting me borrow him!
    Callie (@callielafleur, reading Casino Royale)

  2. Thad, you're a heartless beast. Here I am with Janey in London, and she sees nothing of it. All she can do is think of you. The only acceptable excuse from you is that Mad Tesla accidentally shot you into the future or to Mars or some such. In all seriousness, write. You own Jane that. ~K
    (@katen, reading Distant Waves by Suzanne Weyn)

  3. IDear Lieutenant Seivarden,

    I know you're bummed out that we couldn't fit all three of us in the suspension pod, and Breq and I do miss you a whole lot. Also, Breq's singing is starting to get quite irritating—how do you put up with this?! At least Breq's leg is finally growing back. Say hello to Ship for me, and do check that Translator Zeiat hasn't drunk *all* the fish sauce in storage.

    Shaina (@shainareads, reading Ancillary Mercy)

  4. Dear Hera,
    just after Leta gave birth to the twins in the middle of nowhere, we're doing pretty fine and are back on the road to a fabulous island of Delos. I know this won't make you happy, but let know Zeus he become a dad to gorgeous Apollo and Artemis. Hope you two will make out there on Olympus. And don't you worry for us. We're having fun and enjoying the trip with kiddos.

    Reading: The Greek Myths

  5. Hey, Sherlock!

    It's been a bit crazy lately. We're still trying to track down the murderer here, but I think we're getting close. Dillon has been getting some help from a ghost again, and I expect will have everything wrapped up soon. Give my love to Sean!

    Diana (reading Whiplash by Catherine Coulter)

  6. Dear Jeannie,

    Jim (Gaffigan) and I are having a blast on Route 66 riding out west. You know, chatting about our terrorist children who we love despite the horrible smells they can produce. Jim is so funny that I've been brought to tears of laughter. I never know what he's going to say next, but he always has nothing but great things to say about you (except when he called you pregnant).


    Trish (reading Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan)