Sunday, November 16, 2014

Chaotic Questions: Thoughts on Noelle Stevenson's NIMONA

Cover art for Nimona, featuring a pale-skinned girl with a mostly shaved head and pink wings. She wears a short chain mail dress topped with a short pink surcoat. Behind her stand a dark-haired, armoured man with one mechanical arm who brandishes a sword and a golden-haired, armored man who has raised one fist.

Not too long ago, Jodie of Lady Business asked if I'd be willing to write a brief post about Noelle Stevenson's NIMONA for a Superwomen & Comics Week.

"Hell yes!" I said.

When I'd had my fill of rubbing my hands together in gleeful anticipation, I proceeded to make a lot of notes. Then I reread the comic and made even more notes. Then I turned those notes, and my ever-shifting thoughts on this most fascinating character, into a bunch of subheadings followed by a bunch of words.

A "brief post," it ain't. Oops.

But hey, if not-so-brief posts on awesome ladies are your thing (and whose thing aren't they, I ask you?), you ought to pop over to Lady Business. While you're there, check out the other contributors' not-so-brief essays on the wonderful Wonder Woman, negotiating comics, and the amazing Harley Quinn, plus reviews of BLACK WIDOW: THE FINLEY WOVEN THREAD and THE SECRET HISTORY OF WONDER WOMAN.

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