Sunday, October 19, 2014

Readathon Hour 20: Picture It! Mini Challenge

Hello, Readathon participants, and congratulations on making it to Hour 20! You're almost there!

Unless you've chosen to focus on scriptless comics, you've spent the day immersed in words, words, words. This hour, I'd like you to step away from words long enough to find a picture that somehow relates to your current read.

Choose an image that makes you think of the main character, an important plot twist, the book's theme, the setting, or any other story-related element that triggers your imagination. I ask that you don't use cover or interior art or a still from a film adaptation--that's just too easy, yeah?--but anything else is fair game.

Please make sure your selection is free and legal to use, and be sure to credit the artist or photographer. Flickr's creative commons archive is a great place to search for images in the public domain, as is the WANA Commons.

Once you have an image, tell us how it relates to your book via a blog post, tweet, or Instagram post. If you don't use social media (or if it's just too late in the 'thon to worry about crap like that), you can post your explanation and a link to your picture in the comments here.

An example: earlier today, I read THE LAST GOOD KNIGHT, a serial by Tiffany Reisz. The serial made me think of knights, for obvious reasons, so I hunted through Flickr's creative commons and found a trio of fearsome Lego knights photographed by Andrew Becraft:

Three Lego knights brandishing a silver sword, a war hammer, and a black sword. The knight on the left wears silver armor; the others are attired in black.
Now it's your turn! Make sure you comment below with a link to your blog post, tweet, or Instagram account. One randomly selected participant will win a set of eight vintage postcards featuring gardens from around the world, plus 50 cancelled stamps with plants on them.

An assortment of vintage postcards and stamps.

The challenge will run until the end of the Readathon. I'll contact the winner whenever I wake up. :)



    Sorry for the long link... ew. I'm currently reading a non-fiction, one called Date or Soulmate? by Neil Clark Warren. Obviously it makes me think of dating, and O love the reflection in this photo!

  2. I'm reading A Farewell to Arms right now, and what else would I think of but Italy?

    P.S. Great challenge and truly charming prize! :)


    Long link as well...sorry. The book I'm reading now is set in near the Puget Sound and it seems like it's going to play a big role in the plot. I haven't made it extremely far in the book yet, so I'll see. But the dark stormy sky and kind of rough water fits the under lying feelings of something about to happen in the book perfectly. I'm currently reading Creep by Jennifer Hillier.
    Sorry for typos or weird sentences that may or may not make sense.


  5. Good thing I hadnt eaten all my M&Ms yet!! Here's my pic :)

  6. Hello, Thank you this was a fun picture to set up.

  7. (

  8. This was a fun challenge for us to do!
    We picked the books Quosl and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

  9. Finished Gier's 'Sapphire Blue!' This is how I imagine the heroine at the end: heartbroken, revengeful. #readathon

  10. This is a cute idea for a challenge! Mine's here:

  11. Finished Gier's 'Sapphire Blue!' This is how I imagine the heroine at the end: heartbroken, revengeful. #readathon

  12. Book: 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'
    Idea: FIRE!
    Photo taken by me :)

  13. The Ersatz Elevator , by Lemony Snicket
    kids went down an elevator shaft, so here is picture of an elevator shaft.
    --could you ever climb down one of those things?--

  14. Great challenge idea! Hour 22 is here and we are almost done!!

  15. Scarlet by Marissa Meyer!