Friday, October 17, 2014

Readathon Eve: October 2014 Edition

Happy Readathon Eve, my lovelies! Dewey's 24-Hour Readathon begins bright and early tomorrow morning, and I am pumped.

Last time, I was lucky enough to find a wealth of novellas on la TBR; enough to ensure I finished a decent number of books before I checked out at Hour 21. Six months on, la TBR contains more chunksters than anything else, so I've had to search a bit further afield for my October Readathon stack.

An e-reader with nine covers laid out on its screen in three rows of three. The covers are for the books described below.

First off, we have THE LAST GOOD KNIGHT, a five-part serial by Tiffany Reisz. I've been hoarding it for the Readathon and plan to read it fairly early on, perhaps with a short break between each part so I can tackle an unrelated short story or two. We'll see what my momentum's like.

Next comes "Interlude With Tattoos," a short story that falls between THE MAGPIE LORD and A CASE OF POSSESSION by KJ Charles. I fell head over heels in love with THE MAGPIE LORD last month and look forward to devouring A CASE OF POSSESSION during the Readathon. It isn't pictured here because I have it through Scribd, but I will read it. Promise.

After that, I have another short story on tap: "Sand and Ruin and Gold" by Alexis Hall. I loved PROSPERITY, Hall's forthcoming steampunk novel of airships and rogues (review coming on October 28th!) and am wicked eager to see what else he can do.

I began SUBVERSION: SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY TALES OF CHALLENGING THE NORM a few weeks ago and would love to knock it off la TBR during the Readathon.

The final book pictured, the special K.J. Parker issue of SUBTERRANEAN, isn't a must-read, but it'd be lovely to get through another story or two before the twenty-four hours are up. I do so love K.J. Parker's work.

An e-reader with a number of comics covers displayed in rows on its screen. The titles are described below.

I also hope to read a great number of comics via Marvel Unlimited, probably starting with DEADPOOL. I'm a little more than 20 issues from the end of Daniel Way's run. That should be doable tomorrow, yeah?

I'd also like to read some more INHUMANS. I added the 2003 series to my library after this picture was taken, in place off the issue of FANTASTIC FOUR you see here. (It tied in with the Inhumans' storyline.) The Inhumans bring me great joy, except when they break my heart.

It'd be nice to dip into either series of YOUNG AVENGERS, too, if only for Kate Bishop. HAWKEYE has made Kate Bishop my new favourite.

I may look at BLACK PANTHER, All-NEW X-MEN, AVENGERS, Terry Moore's RUNAWAYS, and the new NOVA, too. To be honest, I've been procrastinating on the later because I was ridiculously attached to Richard Rider (the old Nova), but maybe it's time to take the plunge.

A variety of drinks and foodstuffs, as described below.

Of course, the Readathon isn't just about the books. Snacks are important too!

I have two varieties of juice (Mango and Deliciously Purple), three kinds of tea (blueberry ginseng, peppermint, and loose leaf Darjeeling), white cheddar rice cakes, Irish Creme coffee whitener with which to liberally spice my unpictured caffeinated beverages, Miss Vickie's black pepper and lime chips, s'mores granola bars, and bananas.

The large bag of chocolate in the foreground is destined to become puppy chow popcorn this afternoon. Hello, tasty goodness.

I'll probably eat some actual food throughout the day, too. Maybe spaghetti with spinach & tomato sauce; maybe Lucky Charms. We'll see what happens.

What are your Readathon plans like?


  1. I do believe you ought to win a prize for major preparedness, lady! And you have me drooling--both food-wise and comics-wise!

    1. My food and my comics make me really, really happy!

  2. Maybe I should write up a readathon eve post this evening since I'm never awake for the start of readathon here (5 AM!!). You definitely look ready to start! I'm planning on taking it easy, reading the two volumes of The Graveyard Book gn that I just bought and fitting in another novel or two. And I just went shopping and might have bought candy, cookies and trail mix. I need to find some protein to go with all of that. ;)

    1. Protein is always a plus. I got mine in via some late-night chicken sausages.

  3. I'm pumped too my friend! Wooooo! Doing a little pre-event cheering, in fact. I hope tomorrow ROCKS for you! --Andi

    1. It did! I'm still so impressed you made it through the whole 24 hours. You're tougher than I. :)

  4. Can't wait to read with you tomorrow Mem!! I was inspired by you and got a marvel unlimited subscription and am LOVING it! May have to dip into that tomorrow too :)

    1. Hurray for Marvel Unlimited! It's the best.