Friday, April 25, 2014

The Readathon Cometh

Happy Readathon Eve, friends!

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon has become a staple of the book blogosphere. Avid readers celebrate their love of books by reading as much as they possibly can during one 24-hour period. There are hourly posts from the hosts, plus voluntary mini challenges from various bloggers and a day-long Twitter conversation that typically grows crazier and more involved as the hours tick by.

A square photo of my e-reader screen depicting cover art for the titles listed below

This year, I plan to read mostly e-books. I've been stockpiling novellas of 130 pages or less in preparation, and hope to get through the lot:

  • MISBEHAVING by Tiffany Reisz - romantic comedy
  • SUBMIT TO DESIRE by Tiffany Reisz - erotica
  • IMMERSED IN PLEASURE by Tiffany Reisz - erotica
  • JAQ'S HARP by Ella Drake - SF romance
  • FROM AFAR by Ava March - historical fantasy romance
  • SLIP POINT by Karalynn Lee - SF romance
  • EMBER by Bettie Sharpe - dark fantasy
  • LIKE A THIEF IN THE NIGHT by Bettie Sharpe - futuristic fantasy romance

I also have THE SCORPIO RACES by Maggie Stiefvater on audio, plus the first five volumes of CLAMP's TOKYO BABYLON, bunches of SAGA, and the first volume of ATLA: THE SEARCH. I'll turn to them whenever when my e-reader needs to recharge.

Once I've read everything on my list (which might be doable this time, as they're all short books in fast-paced genres), I plan to start THE VINTNER'S LUCK by Elizabeth Knox. Lynn and I are rereading it together and it's past time I dove in.

A square picture of a pile of food, as listed below

Of course, any successful Readathon also requires a great many snacks. I've laid in some good 'uns this time, including a bunch of dessert-flavoured yogurt, some sweet & salty granola bars, a couple of mangos, a banana, white cheddar rice cakes, fruit & veggie juice, and a candy apple. I've also got Kraft Dinner in both extra creamy and sharp cheddar varieties, though I doubt I'll sample more than one of them tomorrow. And I didn't include 'em in the photograph, but there are a great many black bean quesadillas in my freezer and a fair few chicken sausages lurking around, waiting to help me meet my daily protein quota.

Square photo of a tiny short-haired grey dog asleep with his head pillowed on a red blanket. A burgundy comforter is pulled up to his shoulders. One of his paws is splayed out on the bed beside him.

Finally, I'll have this little squirt for company. Murchie enjoys Readathons because they mean he's got somebody to sit with (or on) pretty well all day--the doggie dream. If you follow me on Instagram (I'm xicanti there, as almost everywhere), you're sure to see lots of Murchie + book pictures throughout the day.

Are you participating in the Readathon? What are you reading and eating?


  1. Murchie! I love your readathon stack! Looking at your stack makes me want to rearrange my own. ;-) Happy readathoning!

  2. I love the novella idea! I may try that next time! I really enjoyed Ember, by the way. :)

    Ooh, a candy apple! How yummy! I think I've got my snacks in order, which also includes some yogurt and granola bars! I usually also have some Cheez-Itz for late night munching. Although I always feel like I'm being SOOO loud since the house is all asleep. LoL

    Here's my prep post :)

    1. Ooh, that's good to know! I read CAT'S TAIL during a previous Readathon and fell utterly in love with it, so I'm really looking forward to more of Sharpe's work.

  3. I agree with Angie. The novella idea is a good one!

    I have some Chocolate Almond and Sea Salt Kashi bars as part of my snack stack. I am inordinately happy about this!

    1. I'd be inordinately happy about that, too. Those bars sound wonderful!

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  5. I have a novella, a graphic novel, a book of short stories and one of the Tiny Book of Tiny Stories besides a couple of short novels. They're definitely the way to maximize the day. Everything I'm reading is from my TBR. I just love making a dent in it!
    Have a fantastic readathon!

  6. I'm so excited for the readathon! I always look forward to it. I just picked up snacks (including kettle corn), but I don't think I can top a candy apple!

    I'm planning on rotating between teen books and very short lesbian books for review (graphic novels, poetry, a zine). They should be quick reads! I've been waffling on what order to read them, though. Guess I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

    I look forward to your updates! I'm thinking I'll update every couple of hours instead of stopping every hour, and maybe tweeting in between.

  7. The Scorpio Races, wheeee! Have a wonderful time :D

  8. Murchie is SUCH A CUTIE. I'm doing outside social things today (bah) instead of readathon, but all these pictures of cozy rooms and snacks and books make me envious.

  9. Good luck with the readathon, Memory! I am too late to join this year :-( I only realized a little while ago that I could do it, I thought I would be planning for my husband's birthday on Monday. Next time, better planning and I will join in. Meanwhile I get to cheer all of you on :-) Enjoy your books. Go Memory!