Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fiction: Fireside Magazine

Fireside Magazine is a market dear to my heart. They publish short and flash fiction in a multitude of genres, they experiment with serial fiction, they're committed to offering fair pay to writers, and they gave me my first proper fiction sale.

Fireside is currently running a kickstarter to fund their third year, which will include plenty of new stories and a serial that builds off Lilith Saintcrow's recent offering, "Maternal Type." There are plenty of great rewards available, including art, tuckerization, and subscriptions to other ongoing fiction projects.

To help drum up enthusiasm for the serial, the issue in which "Maternal Type" appears is currently free to read online--and hey, it includes my story! If you'd like to read "A Single, Stolen Night," now's your chance. Issue 9 also includes short fiction by Steven J. Dines and flash fiction by Lauren M. Roy, plus the ninth installment of Chuck Wendig's serial, "The Forever Endeavor." (Said serial is pretty durned cool, but you probably don't want to read this chunk all by itself.)

Please consider supporting the Kickstarter, too. You can give as little as $2, and you get great stuff at every donation level.

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