Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Sunday Salon: Win a 1-Year Digital Subscription to Crossed Genres Magazine!

The Sunday Salon.comCrossed Genres Magazine is committed to publishing diverse, engaging SFF, much of which is by and about women, queer folks, and people of colour. They also reserve one spot per issue for an author who has not yet made a pro-rate sale.

And right now, they're in trouble.

Last year, Crossed Genres held a successful Kickstarter. The proceeds funded the magazine through to the end of December, but from January on, it must pay for itself via its subscriptions. If they don't have at least 600 subscribers by December 31st, the magazine will have to close its doors.

The very thought breaks my heart. Editors Bart R. Leib and Kay T. Holt have brought some fantastic authors to my attention, both through the magazine's most recent incarnation and via the many anthologies they've released. I bought the press's backlist during the Kickstarter, and holy hell, did I ever read some good fiction as a result. (Y'all need to read Broken Slate by Kelly Jennings, please and thanks.) I want them to continue publishing great stories on a monthly basis throughout 2014.

I hope you'll consider subscribing right now, this very minute, but just in case you need a little extra incentive, I'm offering a one-year digital subscription as a blogwarming giveaway. (Happy new blog to me!) If you're already subscribed to Crossed Genres 2014, you can still enter and give the subscription to someone as a holiday gift; just let me know their e-mail address and I'll make sure it's registered to them instead. :)

The contest runs for one week. Enter below!

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  1. Congratulations on the new blog *throws confetti*! And thank you for signal boosting "Crossed Genres" subscription drive for their continued liveliness. Will be posting a review for #diversiverse this weekend, then I'll write to remind people to subscribe to "Crossed Genres" too.

  2. It's brilliant that things like Crossed Genres are out there- we need guys like this publishing short stories!

  3. I'd never heard of that -- sounds amazing!

  4. Crossed Genres publishes some great stuff.

  5. Thank you for sharing this! I am hoping to subscribe but would not mind winning in the meantime ;)

  6. Definitely a magazine worth supporting! :) I hope they make it!